How to Recognize Some of the Earliest Signs of Kidney Disease

Complete kidney failure is a very real risk if you do not get help for kidney disease early on. Detection is key because the disease is treatable if it is caught in time. You should know how to recognize some of the earliest signs of kidney disease.

Unexplained Tiredness

A problem that occurs when your kidneys start to function improperly is that toxins build up in your bloodstream. This can inhibit or change the normal biological functions that would usually generate energy for your body. The result can be unexplained fatigue that seems to never go away no matter how much you rest.

Problems with Urination

Problems with urination are some of the earliest signs of kidney disease. You might stop urinating regularly or could experience frequent urges to use the bathroom. Your urine might start to appear dark or foamy. A sure sign something is wrong is blood in your urine. If you do not get your kidneys checked and start treatment, then kidney failure might be the eventual result.

Problems Sleeping

The toxins that your kidneys cannot remove from your body could start to affect your sleep at night. You might begin to have serious problems sleeping or staying asleep. The lack of sleep is usually a persistent problem that will last for some time. You might not be able to get to sleep even if you feel very tired.

Swelling in the Feet and Ankles

Your kidneys are designed to remove sodium from your body. If something is wrong, then extra sodium could result in swelling in your feet and ankles. This could be exacerbated by an underlying condition since some risk factors for kidney disease include having diabetes that might also cause swelling. Additionally, your eyes might begin to appear swollen, red and puffy.

Excessive Cramping

Early kidney disease can cause chemical imbalances in your body. You might not have enough electrolytes or calcium to stay healthy even if you are eating right. This can result in frequent and severe cramping. Most people will experience cramps in the legs when this occurs.

Decreased Appetite

A final potential early symptom of kidney disease is a decreased appetite. The toxins left in your body will make you feel less like eating every day. You might experience nausea and vomiting if the kidney disease has gone past the most basic stages. Decreased appetite combined with a few other symptoms is a good indicator that you might have kidney disease.