What it Means to Get a Medical Equipment Prescription

Many people do not know that doctors today can write you prescriptions for durable medical devices and not just medications. The types of equipment range from specialized nebulizers to machines that help control diabetes. It is important to know what getting a prescription for medical equipment means. A prescription for medical equipment is written when a doctor decides that a patient has a legitimate need for the item. The medical professional must usually decide over the course of one or more examinations whether the health problem can be treated with lifestyle changes, prescription drugs or another form of treatment. If the problem cannot be immediately treated and an effective device is available, then you will likely receive a prescription. This prescription can be filled through a medical equipment supplier.

Medical Equipment

You Can Sometimes Ask for the Equipment

If a medical professional is not suggesting a piece of equipment that you think could help, then it is time to ask about it. You can sometimes ask for medical equipment during an appointment. The medical professional will usually take your request seriously. There could actually be a reason why a specific piece of equipment might not help with your problem. Alternately, the health care professional might decide that a prescription is worth a try if you describe new symptoms or problems.

Some Prescriptions are Preventative

Some medical equipment prescriptions are preventative. This means that a particular device seems to be necessary in order to mitigate potential complications from a medical problem you currently have. The equipment might also be used to stop the progression of a disease or medical condition. Preventative prescriptions for medical equipment are very important since they can stop you from developing a chronic condition that could affect your entire life.

Prescriptions Can Reduce the Cost of Equipment

Being issued a prescription for medical equipment often means that part of the cost of the item will be covered. Your insurance coverage will pay part or all of the cost of acquiring specific pieces of equipment if a doctor has provided you with a prescription. This is incredibly valuable since some medical equipment can cost thousands of dollars.

Long-Term Prescriptions are Possible

A final point to understand is that long-term prescriptions for medical equipment are available. These prescriptions allow you to get medical supplies for up to a year without having to constantly revisit the hospital or practice. Long-term prescriptions are useful when you have to regularly buy refills or disposable parts for a larger piece of equipment.