What Wearing Compression Garments Can Do for You

Compression garments are socks, sleeves and pants that apply gently and consistent pressure to specific parts of your body. These garments are used by athletes, doctors and average people every day. Here are some of the things that wearing these garments can do for your body.

Improve Circulation

One of the main benefits of compression garments is that they can improve circulation. The garments push against the veins in your body. This makes it much easier for your blood to move up and back to the heart where it can be recirculated. The garments help to open up small chambers in your veins that sometimes hinder blood flow. Improved circulation means more oxygen gets to your organs, brain and muscles. This can give you more energy and keep your metabolism running smoothly.

Prevent Medical Problems

A number of medical problems can occur if your blood flow is blocked or slowed. This can happen if you are sitting or standing for long periods of time so that blood needs to travel upwards against gravity to circulate. You could develop blood clots or deep vein thrombosis in these situations. Compression garments keep your blood moving at all times. This prevents the blood from pooling in your legs and feet where it can cause serious problems that could even be fatal.

Reduce Swelling

Swelling in the joints is a real problem for people who perform intense physical activity or who have certain medical conditions. The pressure from these types of garments can reduce swelling. Any extra blood that moves into your joints will be regulated and pushed out so that the area cannot swell up. The effectiveness of these special socks and sleeves has made them popular with athletes who want to reduce recovery times after a game or intense workout.

Improve Support

Pressure garments provide extra support for your veins and muscles while you are moving during the day. The garment helps to hold your muscles in place and give them something to press against as you flex. This can reduce the occurrence of problems resulting from muscle oscillations. The garments can lower your risk of cramping. They can even potentially improve your endurance in certain situations.

Stop Fluid Buildup

A few medical conditions such as lymphedema can cause fluid to build up in your arms and legs because it is not disposed of properly by your body. This can be very painful and could even restrict your range of motion. This type of medical gear is often used by doctors to help stop the buildup of fluid between medical sessions. The gently squeezing of the garments pushes the fluid back out so that it cannot accumulate.