How to Know When it is Time to Get a Walker or Wheelchair

Seniors today need to worry about mobility issues since being trapped in a single place all day is not practical. If you are getting older and still live an active lifestyle, then it is a good idea to consider getting a mobility aid. Here is how to know when it is time to get a walker or wheelchair.

Standing or Walking is Becoming Painful

Aging often causes tissue to degrade in the body. This can start to make it very painful to stand or walk around for any length of time. If you are starting to experience serious pain after walking just a short amount of time, then it is time to consider getting a walker or wheelchair.

Spending Extensive Time Alone

You might want to have a walker or wheelchair if you are experiencing some mobility issues and spend a good amount of time alone. The last thing you want is to suddenly be unable to get around your home or to be stranded outside at the store. Having a wheelchair or walker will prevent many problems with mobility while you are alone.

Hip Replacement or Knee Surgery

A part of aging that many people go through is having a hip replaced or knee surgery. Both of these surgeries can weaken your legs and make it difficult to walk. If you have had hip or knee surgery, then think about getting a walker or wheelchair in order to prevent the problem from getting worse. These mobility aids will relieve pressure on your joints and bones.

Trouble Staying Balanced

Any number of problems could cause seniors to have trouble with balance. The simple act of standing up or walking a short distance to the kitchen could become very dangerous if you start to feel dizzy or disoriented. If you own a walker or wheelchair, then you can always just stop and stabilize yourself if balance becomes an issue.

Unexpected Muscle Weakness

Something that can occur along with aging is muscle weakness. This could be caused by a disease, medical condition or just fatigue as the day wears on. If you have a problem with weak muscles that appear unpredictably, then a walker or wheelchair can help you to remain standing or walking without much of a problem.

Frequent Falls

A final reason to think about getting a wheelchair or walker is if you have fallen more than once recently. Falling is incredibly dangerous. It could lead to serious head injuries, broken bones and deep cuts. Walkers and wheelchairs both do a good job of preventing you from falling by providing a way to stabilize yourself at all times.