The Importance of Support for Multiple Sclerosis

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis can be a scary thing, leaving a patient feeling along in their struggles. Multiple sclerosis support groups bring patients together who share this disease for support, education and mutual assistance. There are several benefits from contributing to a support group, whether it is one of the ms support groups online or a local support group. The multiple sclerosis society provides tools to finding the MS support group that is right for each patient.


Participating in support groups helps patients learn new information about the disease and strategies for coping with everyday problems. Having support from others and sharing similar experiences may help each person find better ways to cope with their problems. Getting support from others and being able to offer support to fellow patients can be a very rewarding experience. Multiple sclerosis awareness can help patients to feel empowered with their disease and boost self-confidence to cope with everyday challenges.

The multiple sclerosis foundation and the National MS Society may conduct support groups that focus on advocacy of the disease, education about MS and new treatments, or even just be social and networking events. MS support groups often share a mindset that positive thinking and personal change happens through the efforts of each individual in conjunction with help and support from other people.

An MS support group is usually made up of people who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Some people who participate in support groups bring along their caretakers so they can be as informed as possible as the most recent innovations and coping techniques of multiple sclerosis. These groups are not psychotherapy groups. They act as an outlet for people to share their experiences with MS and offer as well as receive support. Typically, the focus is on life management, the maintenance of health, the discussion of resources available to patients in the community, and the opportunity to share personal experiences and learn from others. Although some MS patients may be uncomfortable sharing their experience with others in a group setting, the benefits that are obtained by a support group are likely to outweigh the risks and discomforts of sharing with the group.

Online support groups for MS can certainly be just as fulfilling and helpful as those that take place in person. Experiences can certainly be shared over the internet and people can find connections with others who share their struggles online. No matter how those affected by MS are able to connect, this is an important thing to do to cope with the disease.